Top 5 Qualities of Concierge Services To Look For

Discover the 5 essential qualities of concierge services that guarantee excellence

Concierge services are a part of the hospitality business. Residential concierges are trained professionals who make your life easier. They are skillful, resourceful, passionate, well-connected, polite, and well-rounded individuals who cater to your everyday needs. The whole point of hiring concierge services is to let them handle your day-to-day tasks that require considerable time, energy, and skills.

Whether it is making restaurant reservations, arranging transportation, regular upkeep of buildings, landscaping, or fixing plumbing issues, a concierge service worth its salt will handle it for you. An outstanding concierge is usually a balanced mix of book-smart and street-smart. Let us discover the top 5 qualities clients cherish the most in a concierge service.

Ability to Handle Multiple Tasks At Once

  • Concierges are jack-of-all-trades. Their job description requires handling multiple tasks of varying natures. Therefore, a competent concierge would know how to prioritize and juggle different tasks at once while maintaining efficiency. Greeting guests, assisting residents with their luggage, attending phone calls and taking notes, keeping track of deliveries, and arranging transportation are some crucial tasks most concierges manage on a day-to-day basis.

Executing these tasks simultaneously requires patience, management skills, and an eye for detail. Therefore, we rank multitasking as one of the top qualities a competent concierge should possess.

A Positive and Welcoming Attitude for Work

  • Being a concierge is a demanding job. It requires skill, attention to detail, dedication, and commitment to work. Therefore, a willingness to go above and beyond to provide the best services is a key ingredient for a remarkable concierge. A competent concierge displays a positive and welcoming attitude toward their job. They understand that sometimes, they have to go beyond expectations to deliver excellent services. The saying ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’ stands true for outstanding concierges.

Good Networking Skills

  • Concierges negotiate, bargain, and deal with the outside world on your behalf. They should have a strong local and global network of contacts to get the best deals, book last-minute reservations at exclusive hotels, get tickets to the ballet and arrange exquisite and hard-to-get gifts for you from across the world. A competent concierge has good connections with other businesses especially in the hospitality business, tourism, and entertainment industries.

A well-connected concierge is an asset because they can make the impossible happen for you.

Ability To Think On Their Feet

  • qualities of concierge servicesIn the real world, we are occasionally faced with unprecedented situations. Sometimes, tried-and-tested methods are not sufficient to give satisfactory results. A competent concierge demonstrates the ability to take on challenging situations and think outside the box to devise a quick and effective solution for a complicated situation.

With years of experience, qualified concierges are able to confront any surprising situation and handle it successfully. Therefore, you want a concierge who not only knows how to perform routine work but also demonstrates excellent problem-solving ability under challenging circumstances.

Effective Communicator

  • Concierges spend a lot of time communicating with others. Being an effective communicator is an integral component of being a good concierge. Effective communication requires active listening, understanding, and giving proper feedback. Effective communication enables concierges to understand your requirements and help you find the perfect solution.

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